What is the right way to listen to fragrances to get a feel for them?

What is the right way to listen to fragrances to get a feel for them?

To feel the full depth and beauty of a fragrance, you need to inhale it properly.

Can you imagine the smell? I really miss the northern forests.

Usually we take short breaths, so we can only smell the top notes of the scent. But the real richness lies in the heart and depth of the fragrance.

I recommend taking slow, deep breaths of 7-15 seconds. The longer the better.
Just stop and do it now. What do you sense around you? Try to pick up on the least obvious notes.

This works on several fronts

1. We focus on the scent.
2. Calm yourself by breathing slowly.
3. We immerse ourselves in observing the melody of the scent. Its dynamics, shape, change and unfolding. Perfume and music are very close.
4. After 7-10 seconds our sense of smell is somewhat dulled. We are distracted from analysing the scent and begin to feel more of the "essence" of the fragrance. The state, the energy, the sensations.

It also feels quite distinctive, doesn't it?

To inhale slowly, you can use the technique of Ujjayi. Slightly 'close' the flap of your nose and slowly inhale the air. Or imagine that you are diving underwater and "close" your nose from the inside.

It is helpful to imagine that the nose is an empty space into which the aroma flows like a cloud. Watch as it fills this chamber and changes over time. 

What does it smell like in here? I can imagine the aroma.
It's as if I'm standing on a hill, a bit away from the road. The wind brings fresh air, but the smells of the city and the streets still reach me.

Evening, the cool blue scent of dusk, slightly damp earth. Autumn (yellow trees) makes the scents thicker and longer-lasting.... The imagination is endless.

Try to inhale the aromas of tea, food, flowers, air just like this - slowly and deeply. You will feel many more nuances!

This inhalation technique allows you to go deeper into the world of aromas and enjoy them to the full. It opens up the hidden facets of incense, drinks and all the smells around us.

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