About us

About Momento Material

Momento Material is an independent studio founded in 2022, specialising in creating niche premium incense.
We are based in Bali.

Our goal is to share the depth and beauty of authentic incense with the world.

To make modern man's life more comfortable, to share a tool to manage his state of mind and relaxation.

To give more people the opportunity to touch the aroma and effect of real Sandalwood, Agarwood, resins and spices.
Discovered this deep and rich world of natural incense.

I believe that the more people learn about the existence of real and sustainable incense - the better the world will become.
Because it increases awareness, ethical attitudes and respect for nature.

And it makes the world a little happier and more joyful.
We offer premium handmade incense in Japanese style, made of the highest quality materials, processed in a secret traditional way.
Photo of premium natural incense
  • Japanese-style incense

    Japanese style incense reflects delicacy, refinement, purity and depth of fragrance.

    This incense is bambooless, that is, simply powders of aromatic materials glued together.
  • It's really beautiful

    Aesthetics of fragrance and visuals in every detail.

    The incense is packaged in a glass flask with an airtight lid, protecting the sticks during storage.
    The beautiful Wabi Sabi-inspired paper label only gets better with time, acquiring its own personal scuff history.
    And of course, the delicate, exquisite handmade sticks provide a wonderful aroma. And the dance of the smoke is always mesmerising.
  • Exclusive materials

    We use only wood powder, resins and spices bound with a natural glue created from the bark of a special tree and carefully shaped into thin sticks.
  • Completely natural and ecological composition. No synthetics

    No oils or synthetic substances are used.
    It is safe. And the best quality natural ingredients have a relaxing effect on the nervous system. Helping to reduce stress and focus attention.

    Unlike most incense available in the market that contain synthetic ingredients that cause headaches, swelling and lack of "fine" state.
  • Help with practices

    Natural high quality materials help in the practice of meditation, yoga, qigong, tea ceremony by relaxing our nervous system and the powerful natural Qi of the materials.
Photo of premium natural incense



In the past I lived in Moscow and was a portrait photographer. It was awesome! I worked with businessmen, famous actors, and companies.

In the autumn of 2020, at the height of the covid, freezing and trying not to fall on the icy road, I decided that I wanted to go somewhere to winter. My first thought was Bali. And so, a month later, I found myself here.

The plan and budget was for 3 months, but ended up staying here to live.

I immersed myself for 2 years in the world of practice and spirituality.
Became a potter.
Went very deep into the world of tea ceremony and lived the Cha Dao way, which is how I got introduced to incense.

Not finding any flavours suitable for tea, I began to research the subject.
My journey began in the new year 2021-2022.

Spent the whole year 2022 on endless experimentation, trying things out, exploring any leads on the internet.
There is virtually no explanatory information about incense and its making.

Gathered all the bits and pieces and on their basis experimented every day. I woke up, lived and fell asleep with thoughts about incense. Tens and hundreds of hours of trial and error, hundreds and thousands of dollars on unsuccessful purchases and trials.

After 6 months, I managed to make good incense sticks. With a clean aroma, strong enough and no burning notes.

Inspired by the result, I started working even harder.
It took another 6 months to find recipes, find suppliers with the best materials (exclusive materials used are always in short supply), develop the production process, create packaging and design.
Also, a year after starting, learnt how to process the materials in the traditional way.

And introduced a collection of premium incense to the world.