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Agar is the pinnacle in the world of fragrances, a true jewel. It is a unique phenomenon that is beyond comparison, always standing out for its uniqueness.

Aroma: Complex, refined, delicate, deep, refined.
Dry antique wood, sour berries, soft sweetness. Oud note
Texture: As smooth as silk. Deep as the seabed. Fine, neat.

Processing in the ancient tradition reveals the incredible beauty of Agar, creating a fabulously delicious fragrance that, like a wave, washes over every cell of the body. The energy of this fragrance proves to be both powerful and delicate, enveloping the space in a magical atmosphere.

Agarwood Thailand is an ideal choice for meditation and practice, creating a deep atmosphere in the home. It represents true magic, perhaps the most mystical and delicious fragrance you will ever encounter.

You can use the lid as an incense holder

- Origin: Sa Kaeo, Thailand.
- Weight: 6g per pack.
- Number of sticks per pack: ±50
- Length of one stick: 13 cm
- Diameter of the stick: 1.2 mm
- Burning time per wand: ±18 min
- Burning time per stick: ±15 hours
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