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NEW! Galbanum

NEW! Galbanum

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Incense with rare Galbanum resin

One of the most delicious and vibrant incenses of all my fragrances. 
The fabulous aroma of the sticks comes from the packaging, you will hear this scent even without lighting them.

And the burning of the sticks (especially in high humidity) is a fantastic song of beauty.

Fresh, honey green, sweetly refreshing, thick and light. 
This scent defies clear description. This is what galbanum smells like and you will experience it!

You've probably heard of synthetic analogues of this popular perfume ingredient, but now you have the opportunity to try the real natural scent of galbanum in its purest form!

What is Galbanum?

- A rare aromatic resin, known since ancient times and widely used in fine perfumery.
- It takes the sap of more than 500 ferula plants to produce 1kg of it.
- It has a rich aroma with notes of pine needles, honey and musk, which adds sophistication to compositions.
- Endangered in the wild.

I have made sandalwood and galbanum incense to give you the opportunity to taste the scent of galbanum almost in its purest form.

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