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Old Sandalwood

Old Sandalwood

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A dance of soft creamy wood with green floral notes

Sandalwood is one of the most precious woods in the world of fragrances. A versatile choice for your first introduction to the world of incense.


Aroma: Warm, golden, creamy wood with hints of baking. Sandalwood's airy, floral notes.

Texture: Smooth and soft creamy, with a subtle powdery melody.

A gentle and grounding fragrance capable of leading to a more relaxed state of mind, filling with positive energy and giving feelings of cosiness and comfort.

Sandalwood is an ideal choice for everyday use. Its melody is like an Ambient.

It gently and delicately fills a room with comfort and cosiness without overpowering it.

You can use these sticks every day, as its fragrance won't get boring.

The incense sticks are made from carefully selected 30-50 year old sinking wood and processed using traditional methods. This is very old wood, which is not easy to find. And it has so much oil in it - that it sinks in water. It's the highest category of quality.

Every breath brings you closer to inner peace, making every moment a truly amazing journey.

Traditionally considered the ideal fragrance for meditation and practice. Helps you relax, "switch off your mind".

The "Santanols" in Sandalwood oil have a relaxing and sedative effect on the CNS.

Effect of α-santalol and β-santalol from sandalwood on the central nervous system in mice

You can use the lid as an incense holder

- Origin: 30-50 year old sandalwood, Timor, Indonesia.

- Weight: 6g per pack

- Number of sticks per pack: ±30

- Length of one stick: 13 cm

- Diameter of the stick: 1.8 mm

- Burning time per stick: ±22 min

- Burning time per stick: ±14 hours

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