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NEW! Royal Green Hojari

NEW! Royal Green Hojari

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The return of a legendary flavour. You may remember this recipe from 2 years ago. It's a real hit! A fragrance that absolutely everyone loved.

Sandalwood along with Frankincense Green Hojari, Royal level from Oman. In creating these sticks, I set out to "bring out the flavour of Green Hojari at its best."

This clean, fresh and rich fragrance brings a sense of soothing freshness and happiness to your entire environment."

You are familiar with frankincense , as it is used in churches during services. It's true that the scent of real Frankincense has little to do with that suffocating odour in the temple.

These sticks, made with therapeutic grade resin from Oman and sandalwood from Timor, capture the essence of the famous Royal Green Hojari fragrance. I use only Royal Green quality resin, a rare and highly valued variety with a distinctive aroma and colour. I select only the most "juicy" pieces, rejecting pieces of a different level.

Clean and fresh flavour, without the stifling effect of smoking ordinary resin.

For thousands of years, Omani frankincense has been prized for its exceptional healing and therapeutic properties. Royal Green Hojari is the king of all incense.

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