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Santalum Balga

Santalum Balga

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Captivating sour-sweet, berry-fruity, warm, soft, refreshing fragrance that defies description, filling your senses with delight and pleasure.

Aroma: Sour-sweet, berry-like, creamy with soft, warm woody notes. Vibrant and active enough.
Texture: Fine rounded smoothness. A "punchy" aroma that you want to inhale.

Every time you light the stick, feel a wave of euphoria envelop you as your nose and lungs immerse themselves in an irresistible symphony of finesse and flavour.
This extraordinary blend of brightness, intensity, purity, softness and subtlety provides the most vibrant and invigorating aromatic indulgence in our range of ceremonial fragrances.

Definitely a very unusual and rare combination.

Xanthorrhoea preissii Balga, an Australian cactus resin traditionally used by Aborigines for ritual and production, creates a piercingly fresh and invigorating scent.
In combination with Old Sandal, the fragrance is so perfectly harmonised that it feels as if the two ingredients were meant for each other.

You can use the lid as an incense holder

- Origins: Old Sandalwood, Timor, Indonesia. Resin of Balga, Australia.
- Weight: 6g per pack.
- Number of sticks per pack: ±30
- Length of one stick: 13 cm
- Diameter of the stick: 1.8 mm
- Burning time per wand: ±25 min
- Burning time per stick: ±16 hours
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