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Momento Material

Serene Melange

Serene Melange

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Like a melody of exquisite beauty from a dream, this combination of Agarwood, Sichuan Thujaand royal green Hojari embodies the harmony between freshness and depth. The fragrance of the mild bitterness of Thuja combined with the power of Agarwood creates an unforgettable melody.

Aroma: Complex. The perfect balance of the 3 ingredients makes it possible to distinguish each of them, but nothing is out of place in the overall harmonious melody.

Pleasantly tart woody-piney note of Thuja, the depth and energy of which is given by the sour-sweet melody of agar. And the fresh and light laden note adds clarity and purity.

Texture: Woody, slightly rough, deep, shimmering with different facets.

Like a cool forest morning, this fragrance together with the woody note reminds of the infinity of nature, its freshness and purity.
It is a new star on our incense map.

You can use the lid as an incense holder

- Origins: Sa Kaeo Agarwood, Thailand. | Sichuan Thuja, Tai Hang Mountains, China. | Hojaro Royal Green, Oman.
- Weight: 6g per pack.
- Number of sticks in the pack: ±30
- Length of one stick: 13 cm
- Diameter of the stick: 1.8 mm
- Burning time per wand: ± min
- Burning time per stick: ± hours
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