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Sichuan Thuja

Sichuan Thuja

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Thuja is a conifer with an aroma so familiar to us.
Sweeter and more delicate than "typical" conifers like Fir and Pine.

The charming balsamic sweetness of coniferous wood will not leave anyone from the North indifferent).
Associations with Bath, pine forest and nature.

Aroma: Refreshing, light, sweet pine balsamic freshness, woody.
Texture: Woody, slightly "tart". Rounded, a little rough.

Material from the Tai Hang Mountains, derived from naturally fallen wild trees in China.

The refreshing pine scent will transport you to a serene pine grove, dissolving your thoughts in the gentle whisper of the wind dancing among the trees.

Created from exceptionally oily Sichuan Thuja wood from the Tai Hang Mountains, our incense is hand milled to fine particles of less than 180 microns to ensure smooth sticks with minimal binders.
Each breath invites a wave of sweet, invigorating freshness to pass through your body, guiding you towards calm and inner balance.

You can use the lid as an incense holder

- Origins: Tai Hang Mountains, China
- Weight: 6g per pack
- Number of sticks per pack: ±30
- Length of one stick: 13cm
- Diameter of the stick: 1.8 mm
- Burning time per wand: ±17 min
- Burning time per stick: ±11 hours
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