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NEW! Soothing Serenity

NEW! Soothing Serenity

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Soothing serenity.

Notes of cinnamon, vanilla, fine woods, warmth, spices.

This soothing blend is created from sandalwood and spices, processed using a special traditional technique that activates their potential and unlocks their qi.

The soft warmth emanating from this incense gives a sense of security and comfort, filling your chest with love and instilling a sense of security and calm. Gently spicy and nourishing, this fragrance evokes peace and tranquillity. This fragrance is about gentle sweetness and a sense of well-being.

Embrace the soothing essence of this fragrance as it enters your home, quieting the mind and whispering: "All is well!" After a hectic day, allow this incense to become your sanctuary. With your first inhalation, feel the tension in your shoulders melt away, your body relax and the noise in your head subside. Find comfort and peace in the embrace of your home and remember the beauty of life.

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